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Psychometric Tests

      An objective tool to assess your potential and to seek the job that reflects your abilities.



        Coaching  offers  a  framework to identify                    needs, choose priorities and take realistic            actions in order to achieve the goals.           


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Personal Development in London & Surrey

Welcome to Nadir 2 Zenith Coaching

Nadir 2 Zenith Coaching aims to support people in all aspects of your lives, including career, health and learning more about your potential after completing psychometric tests. The support will give you the necessary tools to reach your  potential. Contact me today to discuss individual requirements.

I offer a range of personal development programs covering London and Surrey for people looking to improve your response to challenges throughout your lifetime. ​​Life Coaching,   ​Health  Coaching and Career coaching supports you to enjoy a satisfied and healthy life.

Royal College of Psychiatrist (June 2008) warned:' Everything is connected; stress, grief, employment and so on  all affect physical and mental illness'. I offer health support to give individuals a new lease of life.

Psychometric testing provides a new dimension to your work’s skills. It gives more specific information about your potentials and strengths to get you to reach the job that matches your attributes.

My Mission

People are capable of leading a satisfied and healthy life. Yet they sometimes face challenges in their lives - on a personal level or in a professional capacity. Life, Career and Health issues may also affect your daily activities. You would like to handle these difficulties with renewed confidence and competence.

My mission is to help you to get over these challenges by empowering you to make choices in your lives, identify suitable career with psychometric testing, and improve your health.

Coaching can help you get there:

  • Facilitate the basis to learn more about your strengths and potential.
  • Establish a structure in order to get the best out of your potential.
  • Develop a person-centred approach with people managing long-term conditions to improve their well-being.
  • Support a framework to secure a fulfilled work / life balance in all aspects of your life.
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